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Every 3rd Tuesday

Nudie Nubie's Worldwide

Online • Every 3rd Tuesday of the month Join RedBone, Foxy Tann & Petty Treason for our International Pantidemic Virtual Peepshow!

5.1 • Hayes Valley Social Dis-Danced Silent Disco

Online & IRL • INFO TBA

4.1 • Moonlighting

The Midway SF • A variety Show with a Happy Ending!

5.14 • 5.15

Parade, Pose & Peel

Online • INFO TBA

4.11 • 4.18 • 4.25 • 5.2

Reclaiming Your Erotic Workshop Series

IRL & Online •

We are poetry in motion, Your erotic is of your spark, seed of life, your motivation, your physicalized expression of how you move throught the world honestly, untainted by outside influence. Your truth. Inspired by Excerpts & Quotes from Audre Lorde’s Essay The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House and All About Love by Bells Hooks, we’ll get out of our heads and into our bodies to connect the spiritual, physical & emotional, the anti-racisim journey to Reclaim Your Erotic.

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